Sunday, 3 July 2016

Reflection Week 14


Today is the day where we are to present the video that we have worked on for the last 13 weeks of the semester.

Our group were the first to present.

First, we presented our poster for the video.

And then we moved on to the video presentation. The video below is the video that we have produced.

The presentations ran smoothly for all of us (some faced technical problems, but they managed to overcome it).

My group with our lecturer, Dr. Fariza, and Dr. Rosseni at the back there.

Thanks to my group mates for their cooperation and dedication towards the production of the poster and video. :)

Reflection Week 13

On 26th May 2016, there was a meeting regarding EduTechnovation Day within every subgroup such as publicity, protocol, multimedia/technical, feast and many more. My group took on the role as the publicity team, where we are to make posters for the Edutechnovation Day, and publicize the event. Naqib Syahmi as our programme leader or director explained about the big day. It is vital for us to get a grasp on what will happen to ensure everything will go as planned. 

For this week we had no class as we were given space and time to finish our video production. 

Reflection Week 12

For this week's class, we are to present our progress on our video production.

Honestly, my group is still lagging behind, we still have a lot more work to do, and maybe a few changes here and there in our storyboard.

Hopefully we can make it before the video presentations :) 

Reflection Week 11

On 13th May 2016, all groups had to present teasers for each video production, where we just showed a few clips that we took for our video. After that, we received some feedback from our lecturers on what we should improve on.

Now the fun part begins. On the next day which was 14th May, we had our class field trip to Putrajaya.

Here is the link to view the pictures that I took. It's not that great, but I had fun taking them 

Field Trip Pictures

Reflection Week 10

On this week's class, each group were told to revisit their story board and make adjustments to it.

So, from our storyboard of 'Typical Malaysian', we decided to change our topic to 'RECYCLE'

The reason why we chose this topic is because:

1. We would like to promote the way to recycle in UKM, because most of the students are not aware that they can recycle here.

2.  Basically to highlight the importance of recycling to students and the viewers.

Our storyboard on 'RECYCLE'

Reflection Week 9

On this week, we covered the lesson on Photography

Photography is the process of recording visual images by capturing light rays on a light-sensitive recording medium.

We learned on the Three Pillars of Photography, which is;

  • Shutter speed

Shutter speed is the opening duration of a camera's shutter,

Longer shutter speed promotes to : More light (brighter image), and more motion blur

Shorter shutter speed promotes to : Lesser light (darker image), and less motion blur

  • Aperture

Aperture is the opening where light enters.

The opening is also called as the f-stop

Smaller f-stop number = larger opening for more light (brighter image) and shallower depth of field (picture on the right side)

Larger f-stop number = smaller opening for lesser light (darker image) and greater depth of field (picture on the left) 

  • Iso

Iso is basically the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light.

Lower number means lesser sensitivity of your camera to light 

Learning these pillars will be very helpful in our photography assignment, and for our own personal use

After that, prior to our photography assignment that will take place in Putrajaya, we are to create our own Flickr account, where we will post the pictures that we took during the excursion.

I don't really take pictures much on my own, but I'm starting to enjoy doing it because it proves to hold sentimental values for myself, and the class taught me on how to take better ones :).

Reflection Week 8

Were back to our class after the mid semester break (notice there is no Week 7 = mid semester break).

For this week's class, we were taught on how to edit videos, using the video editor Windows Movie Maker.

I have used Windows Movie Maker myself a lot in editing my clips, because of its user friendly interface and options, that allows you to do basic editing such as combining clips together, adding transitions between the clips, and adding background music for the videos.

In the class, we were told to search for three videos on Youtube, and combine the videos into one.

And so, this is the result of my video combining.

In editing videos, there are a few things that you should consider, such is :
  • The scenes that you would like to include in the video
  • Suitable background music for your video
Taking considerations on these few points, you should be able to create a fine video :) .